Edgebaston Re-branded as David Finlayson Wines

Edgebaston Wines in Stellenbosch has rebranded its award-winning wine range, which will now be fronted by the name of its owner and head-winemaker David Finlayson. Edgebaston, situated on the lower slopes of Stellenbosch’s Simonsberg, remains the home of this wine brand where the range of mostly single varietal wines are made, as well as where a significant portion of its vineyards are situated. The labels, however, will from now on reflect the name of David Finlayson, who introduced his own range of wines at Edgebaston from the 2004 vintage.

According to Finlayson, the decision came after consulting with the international and local hospitality and retail trade, as well as with the public customer base.

“Edgebaston is still the home where all our wines are produced and over 20ha of vineyard is situated,” says Finlayson. “This place has immense meaning to me as it was the first piece of wine real estate I owned as a young winemaker in my 30s. Edgebaston has allowed me to grow a brand comprising various single-variety wines at different price points, as well as the popular Pepper Pot Rhône-style blend.

“But in a competitive industry such as wine, one has constantly to reassess your brand acceptance and appeal. This has led to a more focussed direction under a name which, I am honoured to say, today resonates with my wine customers.”

Besides the new appearance under the name David Finlayson, the single varietal wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Berry Box Merlot – show a revamped label. Now displaying a striking background in black, the new labels are based on the bush-vines, mountains and winding path made famous in the David Finlayson Camino Africana range. This range, comprising a premium old vine Chenin Blanc and a Cabernet Franc, remains under the original packaging, as does the GS Cabernet Sauvignon.

“We have now put uniformity in the range of wines through the use of one name,” says Finlayson. “The previous offering was spread somewhat erratically between Edgebaston and David Finlayson. The consolidation, plus the evocative new packaging on the varietal wines, has streamlined the series, which will appeal to our current followers as well as new customers.”

David Finlayson

Finlayson says that besides his own vineyards on Edgebaston, he will continue seeking vineyard parcels of excellence for the making of the range.

“The brand has grown way beyond just Edgebaston, and no longer is reflected within the boundaries of the traditional estate concept,” says Finlayson. “I have long-term contracts with vineyard-growers along the R44 from Stellenbosch to the ocean’s edge in Somerset West, and as far afield as Tulbagh. The revitalised image encapsulates a more exciting vision of David Finlayson wines being New World, modern and able to rapidly adapt to the market, rather than the Estate version of wine where restrictive rules prevent growth and new visions.”

The emphasis will, however, always be on the best possible wine in every bottle.

“Vineyard selection, hands-on winemaking and a commitment to the best expression from the vineyard are the laws we live by. The aim is to offer the consumer premium wine at the best price. This will remain at the heart of the business, no matter what the name on the label.”


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2 thoughts on “Edgebaston Re-branded as David Finlayson Wines

  1. Hi Emile,

    I think it was a brilliant move, because attaching your name on something really puts yourself on the line. It signals 100% commitment or as they say “skin in the game”, not that I think anything has changed, the quality has always been amazing. I’ll be placing my order soon.

    Thanks for your wonderful news letters. Every time I read it I get transported to the places that you visit and write about so eloquently.

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