Presenting a Unique Wine and Food Event

A wine-dine event like no other. Yes, Wine Goggle is getting into the show-events game like so many wine communicators are currently doing, and our event also promises to take paying patrons to heights lofty enough to make their milk curdle.

The inaugural Wine Goggle Master Class Wine Experience?+¦-+?-+ will take place on 27 August this year and offers a classy, original way of showcasing rare wines alongside some unique and inspiring culinary treats.

Our Master Class Wine Experience?+¦-+?-+ will start with a welcome drink of rare 5th Avenue Cold Duck sparkling wines from the Stellenbosch Farmers Winery stable to break the ice, get the juices flowing and offer patrons the chance of familiarising themselves with one another. Carefully constructed canap+¬s of cream crackers topped with Bovril and delicately grated gouda cheese will accompany the sparkling wine to ensure the imbibing is not happening on an empty stomach.

The formal part of the Master Class Wine Experience?+¦-+?-+ will consist of two parts. The first will be a rare, once-in-a-lifetime vertical tasting of Lieberstein through vintages 1969 to 1984. Chosen from the cool, dark cellars of Distell, the wines offer tasters an opportunity to experience the variety, depth and enormous versatility of this iconic South African wine which in its day was the largest selling white wine in the world.

One of the vintages, the Lieberstein 1979 Haut Piel, was aged in oak barrels, the only time this experiment was done and one which provided a wine of extraordinary poise, depth and elegance.

Although this astounding tasting is sure to ruffle attention spans, the informative pleasure will continue with a pairing of Tassenberg wines and Vienna sausages. Known for its ability to cut through the unctuous flavour of Viennas, Tassenberg will meet its match when offered with some of South Africa’s most famous Viennas drenched in organically sourced All Gold tomato sauce.

Onto lunch where a team of top-notch kitchen artists have been brought in to create an inspired menu coupling vinous and culinary excellence.

First course is a garlic polony, cheese and pickled onion tart with honey-roasted pineapple rings served with a 1998 Gr?+¦-ú?+¦-Ñnberger Stein. The flavour sensations are truly inspiring and are set to prepare the palate for the next bout of gourmet taste explosions.

Second course is an Aromat-encrusted Russian sausage lovingly topped with a hand-whisked 1000 Island Dressing on a bed of macaroni in cream and bacon sauce. The wine selected for this ambitious dish is a classy Taverna Rouge 1987, decanted to allow those well-known tight tannins to open into a volcano of visceral pleasure.

For a palate-cleanser, an ice cream and Bar One sauce will refresh the taste utensils, preparing the diner for the grande finale.

Dessert will be a heavenly peppermint crisp tart topped with crumbled biltong, ensuring a dynamic savoury-sweet combination which makes umami seem like a boarding school pudding. The wine? Obviously only one is good enough, and that is the king of dessert wines, namely Old Brown Sherry. We have managed to procure a bottle of the rare 1972 vintage, a wine with notes of tobacco, caramel, Old Spice aftershave and a sweaty blue jean-pant.

The day’s proceedings will be narrated by various wine and culinary specialists who will carefully explain each dish, every wine and provide the key to each successful pairing.

Upon leaving, guests will receive a free pass to the Klapmuts Hotel’s Spring Spitbraai, a branded ?+¦-+?+¡Master Class?+¦-+?-+ braai tong and a Wine Goggle apron. Tickets to this illustrious event are available at R18,50, a percentage of which will go towards the Nosey Pieterse Speech Therapy Fund. For reservations and further detail, contact

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