Riesling ?+¦???-ú?+¦-ú?+¦+¦ber Alles

Despite being a blue-blood Francophile, Riesling remains the wine I consume most of during one sitting. I recall two evenings at,Kyoto Garden Sushi, one with Alsatian Ace Julien Schaal and one with the De Wet Junior Duo of Peter and Johann. Neil Pendock was present at both evenings and will back my saying that Riesling was consumed in quantities that would make Charles Bukowski and Peter O’Toole whince.

What a great way to get pissed!

Okay, so “what a great way to get pissed” may not go down in history as a memorable advertising slogan. But for the cause of Riesling, join me in entering a competition run by Just Riesling, the spunky South African organisation committed to promoting this great wine. They are looking for a sexy slogan, and for more details go to,the blogs of Pendock and Cathy Marston. Put on the thinking cap, draft a slogan, enter and you can stand a chance to win one case of Riesling – a whole evening’s drinking pleasure!

Mind you, my slogan as a certain je nais se quois….

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