Monsters Cause Chaos in Winelands

Terrifying....the Wosa Back Stabber.

A BALMY,Halloween night in the Cape Winelands turned into an evening of real terror when a number of people fell victim to costumes donned by two ghoulish revellers. Three men were admitted to the Boland Medi-Clinic for undue duress and shock after being exposed to Halloween costumes worn by two students in agriculture.

The students, Blight Sanders and Drike Landman, donned freakish costumes depicting themselves as The Wosa Back Stabber and The Chestnut Cleaver respectively. Unbeknown to the two pranksters, these images have the potential of striking fear into the hearts of many innocent wine farmers who have fallen prey to the Back Stabber and the Cleaver.

“It was terrible,” said Lothar Dercksen, one of the farmers who collapsed in terror after seeing the images. “All my life I hoped they would not come after me. And then there’s this knock on the door while I’m watching idols with the family, and I open?+¦-+???+¦-ú?-¦?+¦-+?-+?+¦-+???+¦-ú?-¦?+¦-+?-+it was horrible. The Back Stabber, poised to strike. The Cleaver with that shriek voice, coming for me. I took one look, and when I woke I was lying in Medi-Clinic on a drip. I still have nightmares, and my throat is raw from screaming.”

Sanders and Landman were surprised at the extreme reactions. “We just wanted a Halloween laugh,like,” said Dercksen. “Vampires, Frankenstein and those wolfmen are so boring. The Back Stabber, who has been massacring anyone crossing his path, seemed like a good dodger to dress-up as, while the Cleaver is known for being freaky.

“We thought we’d look good, but didn’t realise the farmers would take us so seriously.”

Manie Graafwater, one of the other wine farmers who ended up in hospital after being faced with the two Halloween monsters, said it was very irresponsible to dress up as these monsters.

“I have a good mind to lay charges,” he said from his hospital bed. “I suffered severe heart palpitations, as any wine farmer does when seeing the Cleaver. But to be exposed to that image as well as the Back Stabber was too much to handle for a man like me. And I think very irresponsible on their part.”

Sanders and Landman have offered their victims written apologies saying, “while we were just trying to have thum, we should have been more responsible. Some monsters people just can’t handle. Sorry.”

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