Calling All Wineries: Improve Your Communication Skills

Let’s talk about communication. Let’s talk the basics of how any winery should communicate with two very important target audiences: the media and the visitors to the cellar door.

Winery employees are often thrown in at the deep-end. In this deep-end there is little or no guidance as to how to perform basic communication functions. Such as targeting the media with media samples or invites to functions. Or how to arrange a vertical tasting for a group of visitors to the cellar door. And what about social media as a marketing tool ?+¦-+???+¦-ú?-¦?+¦-ú?+¦+¦ should you or shouldn’t you take the digital plunge?

Currently, winery employees are faced with two prospects: rely on the untested gut-feel, or simply sink-or-swim.

Cellar Communication Basics is an intense, interactive one-day course aimed at helping winery staff and marketing representatives obtain useful guidelines, handy tips and clear insight into the cluttered and often confusing world of wine communications.

Nature of the Course

A series of no-holds barred, energetic and intense sessions packed into an eight-hour day. One lunch break and two stops for coffee, Red Bull or Vitamin B injections. Visual, dramatic, proactive and participatory. You will be empowered with a set of useful skills that can be implemented as soon as you walk out of the door. A Certificate in Cellar Communication Basics will be proof of this.

What Will be Learnt

Many surprises will be in store, but the course in Cellar Communication Basics will cover the following:

  • When do we advertise, and when do we use public relations?
  • Hell, should we use any of these at all?
  • Introduction to publications, websites and blogs that use winery information
  • Who are the wine journalists and why are they important?
  • Tips on how to make your winery information exciting and newsworthy
  • Sending wine samples to the media: how frequently and with what accompanying information.
  • The importance of photography
  • Distinguishing between good and bad wine photography
  • Basics for arranging a wine function for media, trade and VIP
  • Welcoming and engaging members of the public visiting your cellar
  • Giving visitors to your winery a memorable experience
  • The basics of a tasting room
  • Websites
  • Social media. What is it? How does it work for wine marketing? – Do I or don’t I?

Further details on times and costs.

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