Wine, Woman and PR Bull Shit

Already confused by the Landbouweekblad Woman Winemaker of the Year Competition’s decision,to eschew the exposure of the media to the potential buxom curves and low-slung blouses of the finalists? Well,a weird,media release of hypnotic non-sense has hit the shores.

According to the media release, the winning Woman Winemaker works with other people. That’s right, after the initial announcement of the winner, Andrew Freeborough, her employers saw it fit to drop another couple of grand in getting a PR agency to inform us that Andrea is part of a team. This is just in case the impression,had been,created that she physically picked all the grapes for her winning Fleur du Cap Late Harvest herself, made the bottles, cleaned the tanks and drove the truck to the retail outlet.

Think we are lying? Check out this hogwash:

Press Release (WineGoggle italics)

Andrea Freeborough, cellarmaster at Die Bergkelder, who was crowned the 2010 SA Woman Winemaker of the Year earlier this week for the 2009 Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest, is to use her prize of R25 000 to further the team’s exposure to international winemaking.

“I am deeply honoured to have been selected as this year’s winner but the achievement has not been attained single-handedly., Although I lead the team and am responsible for the style of the wines made under the Fleur du Cap label amongst others, I work closely with my winemaking colleagues and their support staff., I can think of no better way of celebrating than by sharing the prize.”

Her approach is ?+¦-+???+¦-ú?-¦?+¦-ú?+¦+ëhands-on in the entire winemaking process’, she says, both in the cellar and in the composition of the final blends. With her direction ultimately shaping the style and character of the Fleur du Cap range, it very much bears her personal stamp. She works closely with the winemakers in her team, Pieter Badenhorst who makes the white wines and Justin Corrans, who makes the reds.

-,,,,,,,,, End

,Any guess as to why this release was necessary? Well, the winemaker had scarcely gripped the trophy when news started flying about her apparent lack of involvement in the making of the wine in question. But heavens, what a weak, transparently defensive way of addressing the issue. An embarrassment to the noble trade of wine PR.

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