Tiger Roaring in the Winelands?


IS TIGER WOODS ,in South Africa? Or more specifically, is the swinging philanderer in Stellenbosch? In an article in Die Burger earlier this week, sources close to Woods says he had left the media glare in America and headed off to a “friend’s estate” in Africa. As far as estate’s go, one has to seriously doubt whether Tiger is chumming it up on a sugar estate in Tanzania or a coffee estate in Kenya.

A wine estate is more likely, especially if one remembers that golfer Ernie Els and golf-sponsor/fan/adviser Johann Rupert both have such estates in the Cape. Reinforcing this rumour was Dinkle Verwey, a Stellenbosch student who waitrons at a quiet eatery off Plein Street.

“I am sure it could have been Tiger Woods sitting in the corner the other day eating a muffin and drinking rooibos tea,” Dinkle said. “He had a cap on his head and was wearing a T-shirt that read ’14 Down, More to Go’, but at first I did not think it could be him. But when he looked up at me to ask for the bill, there was something about him. At first I thought he was just a normal Cape Coloured as his lips were big. But then I saw his eyes, which were a bit skew. I Googled when I got home, and yes, I am sure it was him. He paid cash, so I did not get chance to see his credit card.”

Whatever, expect a lot of paparazzi and tabloid snoopers around the wine-lands. And if your daughter looks like a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, keep her locked up.

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