Eat Out Top 10 (11)

Working out the Top 10, Eat Out style
Working out the Top 10, Eat Out style

WHAT is it about “Top 10” that is so hard to understand? Not much one would presume. Well, not if you are compiling the Eat Out list of South Africa’s Top 10 Restaurants. Then 10 can be 11. For this year, ladies and gentlemen, this self-congratulatory annual magazine tells us that its Top 10 restaurants, carefully selected by judges eating their way through hundreds of eateries, actually consists of 11.

Well, hell, why stop at 11 in your top 10? What about the 15 best rugby players of all time consisting of a list of 17….or 107 activities listed in 101 things to do before you die….fuck, let’s just call triplets twins!

Who this bunch at Eat Out think they are fooling by reneging on their commitment to publishing a Top 10 list is beyond any logic. And in the process, the credibility goes for a ball of wasabi.

For pray, if the well-eaten, clever, wise judges cannot even make a decision on a Top 10 out of a few hundred restaurants, who is going to believe the general credibility of the guide and its eateries?

Laugh it off, and pull my advertisement in next year’s issue.

Willy Myer

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4 thoughts on “Eat Out Top 10 (11)

  1. Thanks for being so upfront and honest about it. Quite frankly, some of the nominees in the top 20 boggled the mind: how can a country restaurant like Bread & Wine even feature in the same list as La Colombe?

    Perhaps they should just be honest and call it ‘Eat Out’s favourite restaurants’.

    How do bistros and fine dining begin to compare?

    Madness, sheer madness. And only possible in South Africa, surely.

    The sad thing is that these ‘awards’ influence a gullible consumer market who believe everything they read.

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