Lutzville Winery goes Pink with Sauvignon

afr-eth-botLutzville Winery in the Olifant’s River wine region has launched its maiden Sauvignon Ros+¬ 2008, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, under the African Ethos label. According to Gideon Theron, Lutzville Winery’s cellarmaster, this wine is based on the unique Sauvignon Blanc characters found in grapes from the Lutzville region, hence the 95% Sauvignon Blanc component. The remaining 5% is of Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Lutzville’s best Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Koekenaap area, which is some six kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean,” says Theron. “The vines are chilled by icy night-time breezes from the sea, and cool mist is a rule rather than an exception. This leads to superb expression of Sauvignon Blanc character: bracing herbaceousness, grassy undertones end racy citrus flavours.”

The dollop of Cabernet Sauvignon, says Theron, adds a backbone to the wine as well as giving it a sensual dark pink hue. “Just as was with the Sauvignon Blanc, the Cabernet Sauvignon originates from specially selected vineyard blocks in the Koekenaap area where we are able to produce a classical Cabernet. The Cabernet was made un-wooded and has mild tannins. “

Both grape varieties were vinified separately, allowing the respective varietal characteristics to develop fully.

“This being Lutzville’s first African Ethos Sauvignon Ros+¬ the final blend was a result of lengthy experimentation and much debate,” says Theron. “We are, however, happy that the final wine shows characters one would expect from a classic ros+¬. The Sauvignon Blanc’s freshness is complemented by the Cabernet Sauvignon’s satisfying red-fruit flavours and perfume traits on the nose.”

The wine is best served chilled, and is an ideal accompaniment to Asian dishes, tomato-based pasta dishes, roast chicken and grilled fish.

Recommended retail price: R26,50.

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