Sauvignon Blanc Bores to Beers

Like a half-sloshed blonde in a Long Street pool bar, Sauvignon Blanc is just too easy. Its splash of acidity, length of green fruit refreshment and penchant for immediate satisfaction has you on your back in no time.

And oh yes, it is fun the first couple of times, but then it becomes oh-so predictable and unchallenging. The result is the dreaded dead palate where varieties are so,one-dimensional and boring that each Sauvignon Blanc starts tasting just like the previous one. That is why it is South Africa’s most popular white wine, because the public generally have stupid, uneducated palates. And of course, wine makers love it as it is an easy, unchallenging grape to contend with despite the bullshit arguments of Sauvignon Blanc only able to grow in climates bracing ocean breezes abound and where polar bears get brain freezes.

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