Seven Restaurant No-No’s for 2018

Dining out on a regular basis hones the senses to the joys and travails of restaurant visitations. With the good, there is the not so good, a list of Seven I could do without. Let’s go:

1. Saucy skid-marks on plates: Obviously a result of chefs wishing to capitalise on the instagram-era or deployed by those harbouring a Matisse complex, brush-strokes of bordelaise, truffle, beet-root and other sauces swirled around a plate are as irritating as they are useless. Being attached to the plate, these showy skid-marks have zero use in complementing the dish’s flavour as like wigs, nipple-caps and saddles, sauces are meant to go on-top. Once the dish has been eaten, the sauce-stroked plate looks like Van Gogh’s palette after an evening of painful ear-slicing, something no gentleman wants to present to a hard-working waiter or waitress.

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