Confessions of a Serious Wine Dud


That small curly black hair perched next to his crusty, ravaged orifice resulted in an irritable missive by Tim James on Grape. Writing about an expensive wine released by Bilton Estate, his criticism was not only leveled at the producer of this R3,000 bottle, the way the wine was made nor the winemaker that assisted on the project.

No, Timothy also had a go at the media, implying that most of those invited to taste this wine were not serious wine journalists. Obviously considering himself as a member of the latter, he writes: “I haven’t tasted the wine and am unlikely to. The serious end of wine journalism was largely not invited to the launch?+¦-+???+¦-ú?-¦?+¦-+?-+.”

This statement did, of course, have the desired effect of urging journalists to comment on the whole do, as can be found in the notes under the article I have linked here.

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