Seven Restaurant No-No’s for 2018

Dining out on a regular basis hones the senses to the joys and travails of restaurant visitations. With the good, there is the not so good, a list of Seven I could do without. Let’s go:

1. Saucy skid-marks on plates: Obviously a result of chefs wishing to capitalise on the instagram-era or deployed by those harbouring a Matisse complex, brush-strokes of bordelaise, truffle, beet-root and other sauces swirled around a plate are as irritating as they are useless. Being attached to the plate, these showy skid-marks have zero use in complementing the dish’s flavour as like wigs, nipple-caps and saddles, sauces are meant to go on-top. Once the dish has been eaten, the sauce-stroked plate looks like Van Gogh’s palette after an evening of painful ear-slicing, something no gentleman wants to present to a hard-working waiter or waitress.

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Proof Lies in the Fish and Chips

Fish and chips form the culinary heart-beat of any place showing a culture of fishing, sea-faring and cooking. This makes Cape Town, one would think, an ideal bit of seaside spread for procuring a decent plate of fish and chips. What’s the use of having foodies the world over breathlessly scribbling reams of gushing copy about the City’s food scene and us having two restaurants in the world top 50 if such a quintessential dish is not to be had in amounts of abundant joy?

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