Grace Jets-in to Cool things Down

Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwean President Robert, did not flee South Africa to avoid facing the music. This for her apparent assault on a virginal young model who was reciting psalms from the St John’s Bible with the charming two Mugabe sons. No, the First Lady Grace had to get back to Harare to attend to her private wine cellar after an electrical fault caused the cooling system to fail. WineGoggle caught up with her at home in Harare.

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Steak to my Heart

Like football teams, fishing reels and expletives, every man has his favourite steak-house. One eatery where the smell is that of animal flesh being expertly grilled, the atmosphere unfettered by any sign of gastronomical pontification or superiority and where the knowledge prevails that what you are going to eat is bloody, meaty and good.

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Time to Loosen-up the Wine Borders

Going through the reading matter about Cape Town’s new wine district, I was surprised at how relatively simple it all sounded. Producers from Constantia and Durbanville get an idea. Apply to the Wine and Spirits Board’s Demarcation Committee to check out the possibility of creating a district based on the regional, geographic similarities between Constantia and Durbanville. Committee approves it after detailed research. The new district gets advertised for objections. None. And hey presto, Wine of Origin Cape Town is born.

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Brandy, a South African Art Form

The great estate brandies from South Africa don’t have it easy in the market. There’s this thing called Cognac, see, a category that seduces consumers with brands like Remy Martin, Courvoiseur and Hennessy. Besides the evocative names and the charming French origins, aforementioned brands as well as many others, have stratospheric marketing spend with which Cognac can conquer the spirits loving public globally.

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Jeanri Taking it to the International Tasting Stage

Jeanri-Tine van Zyl. Photo: Judy Brower

Jeanri-Tine van Zyl, wine writer, communications expert and taster supreme will be in the team of four palates representing Team South Africa at the International Blind Wine Tasting Championships in Burgundy in September. What does it take to get there? WineGoggle investigated….

 Is the skill of wine-tasting hereditary? Your father is a skilled sipper and your second cousin an esteemed expert on Burgundy and South African Chardonnay.

My dad is a very dedicated wine lover and probably has one of the most impressive wine collections in the Free State. I’ve always admired this discipline in sourcing wine and the ‘art’ of wine appreciation – my dad is one of the most authentic wine appreciators I know – I wanted to be that too. So maybe not hereditary as much as an example I’d like to honour.  My dad can get quite lyrical about a wine. Not everyone gets that.  

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The Day Mrs English Saved my Life

A Bordeaux-based psychologist and wine-lover, Maxine Engel, once wrote-up research showing that most male French wine critics had a greater fear of losing their senses of taste and smell than they did of erectile dysfunction. Well as they say in the classics, priorities aren’t what they used to be. But I do confess to having had a terrifying experience recently when some ’flu medicine rendered my delicate palate and keen olfactory ability just about useless.

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When the Going Gets Graff, You’ve Arrived

I had just began smelling the contents of the glasses before me, when the CEO himself took-over. The venue was Delaire Graff, that most magnificent wine estate at the top of Banghoek with views from where, on any kind of day, you can see forever. And Johann Laubser, responsible for running all aspects of this destination’s impressive array of culinary, vinous, hospitality, art and lifestyle offerings, just had to make time to discuss the factor responsible for Delaire Graff’s very existence: wine.

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